Educational Aims of Yokohama Science Frontier High School

Educational Philosophy

   YSFH seeks to nurture the spirit and attitude to learn broadly and deeply while drawing out the hidden creativity held by each student, to foster the

logical thinking and sensitivity needed to support Japan’s future. Graduates from our school will go on to be active widely throughout the world, using

advanced scientific knowledge, skills and abilities.


Educational Aims

   1. To foster logical minds by developing broad and deep perspectives with a multifaceted way of viewing things, together with the ability to think and analyze in a flexible manner.

   2. To foster insight and intelligence to live life fully, through encouraging active research capabilities, a high level of creativity, global communication skills, and a sense of independence.

   3. To foster an awareness of one’s mission in society in order to actively contribute to the community.

   4. To foster capable members of society through cultivating their character.

   5. To foster sound minds and bodies while developing broad knowledge and learning together with a wide range of sensibilities and a sense of morality.


Educational Policy

 Seeking Knowledge through Surprise and Awe