School Life

Annual School Events

    Term 1

April ●First Day of School ●Entrance Ceremony
●Lecture by Super Advisor ●Parents Meetings (2nd and 3rd Grades)
●Educational Guidance
●Overnight Orientation (1st Grade) 
May ●School Anniversary Memorial Lecture
●Mid-term Exams ●General Assembly of Student Council
Jun ●Parents Meetings (1st and 3rd Grades) ●Open School
Sports Day
July ●End-term Exams ●Parents Meetings (2nd Grades)
●End of Term 1  ●Educational Guidance ●Admission Briefing Session
August ●Science Training Program in Yokohama City University
●Summer Session 1 ●SSH Student Research Presentation
●Guidance Forum by Graduates ●Summer Session 2
●Summer Session 3


Term 2

September ●First Day of Term 2 ●SL II Research Presentation (Respective Fields) 
School Festival ●Sister School Visit to Vancouver, Canada
October ●Mid-term Exams
●Open School Week
Overseas Study Tour to Malaysia (2nd Grade) ●Science Immersion Program 
November ●Admission Briefing Session ●Parent / Student/ Teacher Meetings
December ●End-term Exams
●Open School
●End of Term 2  ●Winter Session


Term 3

January Scientific Field Trip to the U.S. ●First day of Term 3
February ●Admission Exams
●Farewell Assembly for Graduates

●Graduation Ceremony ●Year-end Exams

ysfFIRST (Forum for International Research in Science and Technology)
●Sports Competition ●General Assembly of Student Council
●End of School Year