Aerial View


North Building

 Floor One   ・Analytical Lab  ・Environmental Science Lab

                                ・Project Room  ・Art and Craft Room  

                                ・Calligrapfy Room  ・Cooking Room  ・Sewing Room
 Floor Two   ・CALL  ・Presentation Studio  

                                ・Computer Room  ・PC Hardware Lab  

                                ・IT Foundation Lab  ・Seminar Room
 Floor Three  ・Environmental Biosciences Lab  ・Chemistry Lab  

                              ・Clean Bench Room  ・Lecture Room


Central Building

 Floor One      ・Nanomaterial Generation Lab  ・Nanomaterial Observatory Room  

                                ・Electron Microscope Lab  ・Music Room  

                                ・Tea Ceremony Room ・Seminar Room
 Floor Two   ・Computer Room  ・Programming Lab  

                                ・Multimedia Lab  ・Talk Room
   Floor Three     ・Elective Class Room  ・Biology Lab  

                              ・Life Science Lab  ・Physics Lab  ・Earth Science Lab  

                              ・Science Research Lab  ・Student Council Room  

                              ・Students'Guidance Room  ・Students'Guidance Dept Office

South Building

 Floor One   ・Fieldwork Lab  ・Nurse's office  

                               ・Broadcasting Room  ・Studio  

                               ・Audio visual Room  ・School Office  

                               ・Principal's Office   ・Teachers' Room
 Floor Two   ・Library of Science  ・Group Learning Room  

                                ・Study Hall  ・PC Lounge
 Floor Three ・Classroom  ・PC Lounge  ・Locker Space
 Floor Four   ・Classroom  ・PC Lounge  ・Locker Space
 Floor Five   ・Classroom  ・PC Lounge  ・Locker Space
 Floor Six    ・Astronomical Observatory


 Floor One   ・Hall  ・Communication Center  

                                ・Judo Hall  ・Kendo Hall  

                                ・Cafeteria  ・River View Lounge
 Floor Two   ・Arena  ・Weight Room  

                                ・Health Education Room  ・River View Lounge
 Floor Three  ・Swimming Pool  ・Domitories

Other Facilities

              ・School Grounds  ・Tennis Court  ・Biotope